• Damn Right.
And It’s fully embroided too.
🌐 Available Online 15.12.19
🌐 Skopje Pop-Up 14.12.19
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#ox #itsdope
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15th of December.
We might even drop an event, who knows.

#ox #itsdope
  • Don’t not try this at home.

Limited Capsule Collection
dropping next week.
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  • OX. It’s Dope.

Watch Out.
  • OX was in BUDAPEST!
This trip wouldn’t be this amazing if it wasn’t for the skate community from Budapest that we met and stayed with them for a night. That matching of attitude, passion and character, was so natural and beautiful. It was all love. So, this is for all the people that we met in Budapest and all the people who fux with us. This is for the underdogs. Cheers!
...A lot of things behind the scenes were going on, a lot of fucked up relationships, materials, prints, nights, ideas, people… But at the end of the day, this culture is amazing and all the struggle and pain is worth it. At least for us.
Thank You Budapest. It was a pleasure. We are coming with more fire soon.
  • Kicks R Good is one of the biggest sneaker & streetwear festivals in Europe. There is a lot of dope styled, dope profiled, community-minded people. A lot of @adidas Yeezy’s, @supremenewyork , @bape_japan , @gosharubchinskiy, @unrealindustry @commedesgarcons, @stussy, @jumpman23 etc. Yeap. And some of them crazy ass motherfuckers would come to our stand, and they would buy this street concept from Macedonia called OX. Some of them wanted to know more, like who we are, where we from, is this gildan or is it our production etc. and some of them would just fuck with the graphics, check out the materials, check for prices and sizes, and they would invest their money in OX.
By the end of the event, we sold out our hoodies, and we sold a lot of tees, we gave some of them away to some special people that made this thing possible, all in all, the bags for the clothes were now empty. We had a ball.
#oxstreets #budapest
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